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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have internet?

Ben Lomand Connect is available for Fiber Optic internet and offers TV, telephone and security systems within Myers Point.


What are your utilities?

Sewanee Utility District provides water supply. Duck River Electric Corporation is our electrical service and utilities are underground. Each lot has been soil tested and approved by Tennessee Department Environment and Conservation for septic systems.

Are there restrictions & covenants for Myers Point?

Yes. The restrictions & covenants are here. They are simple rules to help the community function and retain the value of all the homeowner's investments.

Is there a homeowner's association?

Yes. Myers Point Garden & Park, Inc. is the Myers Point Homeowners Association. The Association is responsible for maintenance of all 355 acres of Common Property, Common Trail maintenance, Road maintenance, Lake maintenance, Barn maintenance and Dock maintenance. In addition, the Association is responsible for insurance, utilities and property taxes for all Common Property and structures. Current Association dues are $2,400 per year.

Is there a required square footage for the houses in Myers Point?

No. There is no minimum or maximum size for any house in Myers Point. The only requirement is that house plans must be drawn by an architect, not from a plan book. Plans must then be approved by the Architectural Review Board.

Can homeowners rent their homes?

Yes. With prior approval from the Association or Declarant, homes may be rented.

Can a homeowner keep horses on their property?

Yes. Horses, dogs, cats and other household and yard pets are permitted on a Lot and on Common Properties.

Are the lakes stocked with fish?

Yes. Myers Point lakes are stocked with Blue Gil and Bass and maintained by a professional lake biologist.

Are property taxes high?

No. Franklin County property taxes are considered low. The average assessed value in the county is 68% of fair market value. The current tax rate is .78% of assessed value.  As example, a $1,000,000 home would have an appraised value of $680,000. At the .78% tax rate, $5,304 would be taxes due.

Are there any income taxes in Tennessee?

No. Since 1929, Tennessee has had the Hall Tax on certain investment income. It was eliminated January 1, 2021, along with the Tennessee estate tax. Additionally, Tennessee has some of the best Trust Laws to protect assets and pass to the next generation. Tennessee has created a very favorable environment for high net worth retirees.


Are UTV's allowed?

Yes, with some noise restrictions. Generally, Gators, Mules and most 4-wheelers are allowed. Exploring the Common Park Trails on an UTV is a wonderful experience.

Is hunting allowed?

Hunting is NOT allowed in the residential Common Area. Hunting can be allowed in The Park (355-acre). Restrictions & Covenants require the Community to set the rules for hunting.

Can I have a motorized boat on the lakes?

No. Trolling motors for Jon fishing boats are allowed. Canoes and kayaks are fine.

What does it mean to have the land in a land trust?

Myers Point dedicated 325 acres of the Common Property to be protected by the Land Trust of Tennessee. As such, the land cannot be developed, nor the timber cut. Our neighbors and the University placed Lost Cove under the protection of a Land Trust. Additionally, Myers Point is surrounded by thousands of acres that are State Forest. All the views and surrounding land of Myers Point are preserved for all generations. 

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